Sour cream

Sour cream

LKL7 company wants to make your life tasty and healthy. Now almost all dairy products that you see in the shops are made on the plants and nobody knows what additives these products consist besides milk. Milk cream separator of LKL7 company enables you to make fresh cream and low fat milk at home. You just need to have whole milk for this. If you take care of your body the low fat milk is product that you need. And if you have cream you can use it for make a lot of tasty dishes very easily. Below you can find the products you can make if you have milk cream separator of LKL7 company at home:

Soured cream or sour cream is product that rich in fats. It is very popular all over the world and can be used as addition for dish or single product.



  1. Switch on the cream separator of LKL7 compnay and pour the whole milk inside for get the heavy cream.
  2. Pour 2 cups of cream into large bowl, the buttermilk inside and mix it.
  3. Cover the bowl.
  4. Put the mixture in warm location (24 degrees of C or 75 degrees of F) for 24 hours and look at it periodically.
  5. If the final product is too runny for you, drain it through a cheese cloth.

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And don't forget milk cream separator of LKL7 company is good helper for you!