LKL7 company wants to make your life tasty and healthy. If you take care about your health and want to make your own fresh cream or butter at home or if you are looking for high quality dairy equipment for your farm or plant, you can find here all equipment you need. LKL7 tries to sell only good quality products and provide warranty for all milk cream separators, butter churns and other products we sell. Please contact our sales department or click "Make an order" and get the price of product that you need. Sales department of LKL7 company will reply you as soon as they can but not later than in 24 hours. Thank you for your interest!

Mіlk cream separators

Electrical mіlk cream separator SCM-80 (100 l/h)

Household butter churns

Electric churn Impulse

Other dairy equipment

Dairy pumps G2-OP