Electrical cream separator "SALUTE"

This cream separator was designed to separate whole milk into cream and skimmed milk with synchronously clean of dirt. It has electric motor without the collector and electro brushes, smooth running, easy maintenance, small size and original design. This milk separator is good choice for places with unstable electricity.


  • milk separator "Salute" qualitatively separates at low voltage (160-248 V),- significant protection against overloads
  • increased the duration of continuous work
  • increased durability through the use of modern technologies in electric drive


1000 l/h
Capacity, dm3/h
Drum rotation frequency, rev/min 12000
Receiver capacity of milk, dm3 at least 5.5
Adjusting the volume ratios of cream to reverse from 1: 4 up to 1: 10
Nominal power consumption, W 80
Operating voltage range, V 198-242 V
Overall sizes:
length, mm 330
width, mm 340

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Electrical cream separator