Cream separator-churn R3 OPS-M

This cream separator-churn R3-OPS-M with manual transmission is combined model. It splits whole milk into cream and skimmed milk with a simultaneous cleaning of dirt. This model is also intended for butter making. Has a Patent RF № 2020806.

(Separator  is cream separator combined with butter churn)


Capacity, dm3/h 50
Drum rotation frequency, rev/min 10000 ± 800
Receiver capacity of milk, dm3 at least 5.5
Adjusting the volume ratios of cream to reverse from 1:4 up to 1:10
Overall sizes, mm 380x288x466
Weight not over 3.1 kg
Duration 6-15 min
Whipping cream 06.08 cocktail
preparation of mayonnaise stir batter 02-03 min
Rotational speed of the activator, % 900-1000 min
The fat content of buttermilk, % not more than 0.8
Overall sizes, mm 406x285
Weight, kg not over 0,65

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Cream separator-churn R3 OPS-M