Electric butter churn Impulse-2

Butter churn "Impulse" is designed for churning cream, obtained by separation of milk and cream, with milk collected at home. Butter churn have tank capacity of 9 liters.

The bodyof butter churn is made of impact-resistant and transparent polycarbonate, which has several advantages:

  • transparent case lets you see all the inner parts of the churn
  • dimensional scale can determine the level of the cast product
  • polycarbonate parts disassembled and separately be subjected to boiling and sterilization at temperatures up to 150 ° C
  • not subject to corrosion (or rust)
  • color does not change with time and does not require touch-up
  • dampens vibrations of high frequencies, which is favorable to health
  • no deformation of the casual neglect
  • much easier to be cleaned with a damp cloth on the dairy and pollution
  • is an excellent insulator, which increases by several times the consumer electrical increased strength


Rated voltage
220 V
Reted power
400 W
Frequency 50 Hz
The volume of filling the starting material 3-9 l
Tank capacity
9 l
Engine speed
1380 rev/min
Duration of continuous operation
30 min, max
Pause not less than 30 min
The yield of oil from the volume of the original product 35-50%
The time required for an oil 10-30 min
Overall dimensions 320x320x590 mm
Weight not more than 9.5 kg

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Impulse-2 (9 liters)