Concentration analyzer of somatic cell in milk AMB 1.2

Milk analyzer with advanced options

Milk analyzer designed to measure the relative viscosity of crude (non-assembled) and calculating the concentration of milk somatic cells in raw (unassembled) milk. The milk analyzer can be used for rapid determination of the concentration of somatic cells for dairy farms, milk collection reception centers and in the dairy industry when receiving and processing of milk.


Measuring range relative viscosity from 1 to 99.9 sec.
Indicating range of concentration of somatic cells in milk from 90 - 103 - 103 1500 1/sm3
Limits of permissible relative error in measuring the relative viscosity of ± 5%
The average duration of the measurement sample 2 min.
Dimensions 230x310x220 mm
Weight not over 6.5 kg
Electric power through the adapter 220/12V
Time of continuous operation for at least 8 hours
The mean time between failure of at least 5000 hours

Full service life of at least 5 years

Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature from 5°C to 40°C
Relative humidity - (45 ... 80)% at 25°C;
Atmospheric from 84 to 107 kPa (630 to 800 mm Hg. Art.)

The main features of the milk analyzer include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Ability to connect to car battery
  • USB-port for connection to a computer and (or) thermal

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase of the analyzer

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Concentration analyzer of somatic cell in milk AMB 1.2