Payment & Delivery

Conditions of payment

Do you know how to send us the payment for milk cream separators and other dairy equipment?

You can send your payment by wire transfer to bank account of LKL7 company and you need invoice for do this. We send you invoice according to the order you make. You can place your order in "Make an order" section or you can send your request to email address of sales department of LKL7 company. Contact information of our sales department you can find in "Contacts" section.

Also you can send your payment via Western Union or Money Gram services.
If you need 1-2 samples of our milk separators this ways are most suitable for us.

Conditions of delivery

After you have placed your order the logistics department of LKL7 private company will find the best way how to deliver your parcel to you and inform you about this way in shortest terms. Delivery usually takes about 5-10 days.

Good service makes good relations!

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