For our partners

Protect your market from competitors - be official distributor of LKL7 private company in your country!

If you are official distributor of LKL7 company it brings you the next advantages:

- you have exclusive right to sell our milk cream separators in your market. It means that we and anybody else from your country can't sell our products on your market except you.

- we send all buy inquiries from your market to you. It means that if someone from your market wants to buy our cream separators we send his contact details to you and inform him that you are the official distributor of LKL7 company.

The main and only one requirement that our official distributor needs to fulfil is:

- stable selling of milk cream separators on your market. It means that you and specialists at LKL7 company need to assign the quantity of our separators you able to sell on your market per year. Every market has different quantity.

Quantity discounts are available. It depends from the quantity of separators that you order and from the history of your cooperation with LKL7 private company.

Cooperation is the way to success!

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